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Tensorboard Embedding Visualization

Introduction At November 29, TensorFlow 0.12 was released. One of the functions is visualization of embedded representation. This makes it possible to analyze high dimensional data interactively. The following is a visualization of MNIST. The following is just a image, but you can watch 3D animation in the official website. In this article, I tried … Read more

Why Is Word Embeddings Important For Natural Language Processing

You may be familiar with Word2vec (Mikolov et al., 2013). Word2vec allows you to add and subtract words as though they are capturing the meaning of a word. For example, it is famous that Queen is calculated by subtracting Man from King and adding Woman (King — Man + Woman = Queen). from https://www.tensorflow.org/get_started/embedding_viz Actually, inside of … Read more

The List Of Pretrained Word Embeddings

The information of word embedding is on the GitHub. Introduction word embeddings is a technique that expresses a word as a real number vector of low dimension (about 200 dimensions or higher). It is features that words that have similar meaning can be made to correspond to close vector and obtain meaningful results (e.g. king … Read more

Extracting Information from Business Card with Google API

Introduction Do you have Business Cards? In Japanese business customs(I’m Japanese), Business cards(called “Meishi”) are essential. But if there are a lot of business cards, it is annoying to manage. So, I want to manage it easily. I decided to extract information from business card by taking business card image with smartphone.The processing flow is … Read more